Be a Superhero! Wear Your Mask.

Be A Superhero, Wear Your Mask!
Huge thanks to Oak Ridge and other area school districts for the efforts they are taking to navigate this new year of both virtual and in-person learning.  If you have elected to send your child back to school for in-person learning, you may be concerned with how to ensure your child wears their face mask.

Here are some tips for getting your child acclimated and excited to wear a face mask:

  • Continue to talk with them about the importance of mask usage and model the proper way to wear and store the mask.

  • Let your child personalize their mask by picking their own or decorating one you already have.

  • Serve as a role model for proper mask usage. Wear your mask when appropriate in public spaces.

  • Put a face mask on your child’s favorite toys, or have them draw their favorite character, animal or person wearing a mask.

  • Tell your child that wearing a mask makes them a superhero. They are protecting their friends and neighbors by wearing their mask.

  • Watch video clips from child-specific sources about why masking is important.

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