A Pattern of Giving – Quilters Guild Donates to Hospitality House Guests

The Hospitality Houses of Methodist Medical Center have been a refuge for thousands of visitors as they travel to the hospital for treatment.  The houses provide a welcoming, home-like atmosphere for their guests, often cancer patients and their families, who may need to stay at the houses while receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatments

Labor of Love

The Hospitality Houses are supported by the Methodist Medical Center Foundation, as well as through the generous donations and support from the community.  For the last 16 years, the Ritzy Thimble Quilters’ Guild has offered a unique kind of support to the cancer patients at the Hospitality Houses. For the last 16 years, the Ritzy Thimble Quilters’ Guild has offered a unique kind of support to the cancer patients at the Hospitality Houses.  The nearly 35 quilters who participate in this labor of love decide on theme and work the entire year on their quilts to present to the houses. Last year’s theme was let the sun shine in and the Houses were presented with 31 unbelievably beautiful quilts.  While each quilt is different, they are all made in the same pattern of generosity and compassion.

“These quilts are true works of art,” said Kim Maes, manager of the Hospitality House.  “The time and talent this groups puts into their quilts for our guests is so touching. Our guests are always so touched by such a thoughtful gift.“

Sew Special

One such guest was Mr. Bobby Suttles of Crossville, who recently received a quilt and a matching pillow. The experience was made even more special by the fact that the amazing lady who made the quilt was able to personally present Mr. Suttles with his gift. Debbie Robbie is not only a quilting guild member but she is also a Hospitality House volunteer, who helps us care for our houses. Debbie was so excited to see her particular quilt given to Mr. Suttles.  Mr. Bobby Suttles of Crossville, recently received a quilt and a matching pillow from quilting guild member and Hospitality House volunteers, Debbie Robbie.

“By way of these lovely gifts we are able to brighten the day of someone who is often struggling through some of the worst days imaginable,” continued Maes.  “The gift of time is often the most important thing any of us have to give and the Ritzy Thimble quilters give their time to make someone’s day better, and for that we are so grateful. I can’t express how much everyone associated with the Houses appreciates this group and time and energy they put into making quilts for our patients.”

To all the quilters who so generously share their gifts with the cancer patients at Methodist’s Hospitality Houses, we say thank you!  For more information about opportunities to support Methodist’s Hospitality Houses, please call 835-4358.


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