Artsclamation! 2019 Participating Artists

Congratulations to the artists who have been selected this year! 

Participating Artist Information

Artists in a variety of media are invited to participate in Artsclamation! each year. Requests for submissions are distributed to interested artists in early spring. The Artsclamation! jury committee then reviews submissions and selects artists to invite to the show.

More than 30 artists, including painters, photographers, jewelers, fiber artists, woodworkers and sculptors participate in each year’s show. A percentage of each artist’s sales is donated to Peninsula.

One artist is selected each year as Featured Artist for the show. A Featured Piece, created by that artist, is donated to Peninsula, used in promotional materials for the event, and auctioned to the highest bidder at the Preview Party.

2019 Featured Artist: 

2019 Featured Artist: Mary Saylor, was born in eastern Kentucky, but raised in Columbus, Ohio. She moved to Knoxville in 2011. Mary has been fascinated by all sorts of artistic endeavors from her childhood and was raised by parents who themselves were creative individuals. Mary obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Ohio University with a minor in Sculpture. In addition to being a wonderful mother, loving wife and full time health professional, Mary has channeled her creativity into making her house and home a place of eclectic and elegant art. Over the years, she has dabbled in various creative outlets including drawing, quilting, painting, woodcarving and clay, but recently has focused on paper mâché sculptures. Mary has a profound love and appreciation of all animals, great and small, and this devotion is clearly seen in her whimsical, humorous animal sculptures. One look at one of her playful creations is sure to bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. Her own pets continually inspire her, including a Labrador Retriever and two cats. She thoroughly enjoys the process of creating each and every piece and hopes they bring nearly as much happiness and joy to everyone who views them. 











2019 Featured Artist: Margaret Luttrell is an encaustic mixed media painter. Working in her Knoxville, TN, studio, she paints with beeswax, resin and pigment, then fuses with heat to stabilize. She explores the nature of myth and the legends that are passed down to us. Whether ancient or modern, the same legends are universal then and now, as they have the ability to mirror our own mythologies in the present tense. Working with the medium of encaustic, wax becomes a figurative container for these memories and stories. Wax has several inherent qualities that allow it to withstand the test of time. By encasing these objects within this material, memories have the ability to persist and remain, revealing layers of time as their own brand of relic.

2D Artist’s 

Cindy  Day

Vicki  Denaburg

Jan  Havens

Carol Robin  King

Inna Nasonova Knox

Shari  Lacy

Ronald  Lewis

Sharron Q. Mallison

Spears  McAllester

Kate  McCullough

Ann  Nichols

Leila  Platt

Lennie  Robertson

Marcia  Shelly

Robert  Simon

Larry  Cole

Lil  Clinard

Jonathan  Howe

David  Swanagin

Marguerite Smith Hogan

Johnny  Guthrie

Sarah  Pollock

Amy  Crews

Margaret  Luttrell

Allen  Monsarrat

Soo Cha  Griffith




3-D Artist’s

Hugh  Bailey

Susan Watson Arbital

Judy  Brater

Pat  Clapsaddle

McDonald and Deborah Ann  Crosby, Joppa Mountain Pottery

Karen  Dwyer

Charles “Chico” Osten

Mary  Saylor

Kristine  Taylor

Jessica  Weiss

Betsy  Heerdt

Laura Goff Parham

Michael  Robison


Denise  Meyers