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Special Thanks to the
Mount Rest Fund of
East Tennessee Foundation
for making this program possible


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The Hope Center at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center has received a two-year grant from the Mount Rest Fund of East Tennessee Foundation for its program called “Women4Women.”  This program will address the unique barriers and challenges affecting Knoxville women who are HIV positive.

Women with HIV, especially mothers and caregivers, are sometimes unaware that they have HIV until they are hospitalized at an advanced stage of the disease. They may have a faster disease progression or die sooner than men, due to concerns related to child care, stigma, unstable housing, or caring for an ill partner or HIV-infected child.

The purpose of Women4Women is to learn, in their own words, how the women live with HIV and manage the challenges they face everyday.  With help from Hope Center's Volunteer Care Team, the women will be invited to learn strategies that may enrich their lives.  Our plan is to address individual needs and offer support, through the availability of needed resources, group gatherings, and with volunteers' expertise, in an effort to help establish self-confidence and achieve a better quality of life.

For information call (865) 541-3767 or email: hope_center@covhlth.com

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