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    Team Member Talk

    The potential and desire for community impact is definitely the best part of the Covenant Health Biggest Winner program! This program is not just about improving the health of ten random individuals a year, it's a lead by example effort to motivate our community to be more fit, make more mindful decisions, and have more fun - together.
    - Darla Dunn, Knoxville

    The most valuable lesson I learned since November is about facing and overcoming adversity. In the middle of this I had some things happened to me and I almost quit. However, the team came together and was very supportive of me and encouraged me and helped me to push forward! So its not about how many times you get knocked down but how many times you get back up and push forward! Never give up!
    - Hugh Wilson, Knoxville

    Since November I have learned how to take control of my life both physically and mentally. I learned about proper nutrition and the correct way to work out to save myself from injury. I learned that I'm not the mistakes I have made in the past and I'm a strong beautiful woman!
    - Melody Peters, Luttrell

    The most valuable thing that I have received since starting this program is simple. Support. It has been overwhelming. I have not experienced anything of this magnitude in support since the military. Also, training has been fun and motivational. Missy Kane is absolutely fun to be around. Her energy and direction is second to none. We all love our coaches through out the years, but Missy is the most compassionate and energizing of them all.
    I have learned many things since being a part of the team. But, the one that stands out the most is finish what you start. It has been a process to get where I am at today. Missy said, “Finish the first day. You don't have to finish first. Just finish the race.” The race to a healthier you!
    How have I changed - Positive attitude was what I lacked! Never thought that I was a negative person, but after some inspection I was a very negative person and that displayed in the way that I joked around. Having a direction and being determined to achieve my goals that I set out to achieve.
    More to come.
    - Mike Howell, Greenback

    The best part has been the camaraderie and support that the entire team, including the coaches, dietitian, exercise physiologist, and physical therapists have given throughout the entire process. Having their motivation and, at times, emotional support made this journey very special!
    I have really come out of my shell. I was always so self-conscience of myself and always felt like the fat kid standing on the sidelines on the playground. Too afraid to jump in, and not feeling like I belonged. Now, I have much more self-confidence and more outgoing. It gave me the courage to pursue and obtain my ACE Certified Personal Trainer certification and look forward to working with other obese people in the future! I want to share the best practices I have learned from this journey and continue to encourage others to work toward their weight loss and overall health improvement goals.
    - Randy Carr, Knoxville

    One of the most valuable things I’ve learned during our weight loss challenge is that eating less isn’t always the answer to losing weight, especially when incorporating exercise into your daily routine. Our bodies are like fine-tuned automobiles … if you feed them with the right combination of nutrients and fuel, they’ll perform optimally. However, if you fuel them with crap, or don’t fuel them at all … they’re not going to go very far.
    The biggest change in my life since November is that exercise is now a habit for me. It’s no longer an afterthought, or a maybe, it’s a definite. It’s now “my time” to work out my stress, and to work on being a better me.
    - Amanda Paletz, Knoxville

    I have come to the conclusion that while I may not have lost a lot of weight, I am making better choices and I'm a heck of a lot stronger than I was in November. I really do enjoy fully caffeinated, fully sugared ice cold Co-Cola and I will continue to enjoy them. Just not everyday. :-) That's progress!
    - Edee Vaughan, Knoxville

    I've learned that I am strong and can do whatever I set out to do. I have learned to not let a set back automatically become a failure because I am perfect. I've also learned to handle stress/frustrations in a healthier way (exercising, not eating bad foods).
    I am the type of person that if I don't like something, I won't do it. I have not missed one single training session since we've started and I am the queen of excuses. My team mates and trainers make me laugh, they give me strength and most importantly, they encourage me! I feel like a "Rock Star" because of them. I've had a switch flipped inside my head. I always knew I had a heart to lose weight, but I never really had it in my head. I plan on keeping up with exercising/healthy eating after this is over (which in the past, I would have just quit the day after the marathon. I don't chalk up my gains/bad choices as a failure anymore…just another way to learn how to do better. Thanks for that opportunity.
    - Lee Ann Bowman, Knoxville

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