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Seasons of Hope ...Summer

In Memory of
Robert Allan "Bobby" Sapp

December 10, 1964 - February 13, 1997

Among the Stars

Far beyond the earth’s outer limits
beyond her moon, sun and stars
beyond that point where her giant telescopes
can no longer see
into the deepest reaches of the vast universe
surrounding her
where there is no day or night or time,
my spirit will be free
to soar through endless galaxies,
bask in the radiant glow of a thousand suns
and chill in the far icy dark corners.

The earth turns on her axis
creating day and night and time.
I have been invited to share a brief moment of that time.
When this mere moment is spent,
when my vessel has deteriorated and returned to the earth,
I will not be dead or lost
but will have only gone to another place.
As surely as I have known you here on this earth,
I will know you again.
With our free spirits joined together,
we shall frolic tirelessly among the stars.

Vernon Lee Gillian
© 2-5-97 (used with permission)

Note. This was written for Bobby Sapp by his dad (Vernon Gillian) the week before Bobby died. The poem was included on the AIDS Memorial Quilt Panel that Vernon made for his son (pictured to the left).  Bobby said he liked the idea of being a free spirit and he especially enjoyed the thought of a tireless frolic among the stars.

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