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Seasons of Hope ... Spring

In Memory of ...
Chuck Moyers

April 25, 1966 - January 24, 2000

During Chuck’s illness, he wondered what a quiet man like himself could possibly do to help promote AIDS education.  Even though medications help with HIV disease, Chuck believed that more lives could be spared if AIDS education in the community was widespread.

As it turned out, Chuck's family used his love of motorcycles as a means for enhancing HIV awareness and education, through  Shut Up & Ride - Chucky Moyer's Memorial Motorcyle Ride.

"When Chucky died and left me his Harley, I never dreamed that his bike would spark my passion to raise money for Hope Center.  This was an indirect way to fulfill his wish that more people would learn of HIV/AIDS, and how NOT to get it.  I don't ever ride his bike without thinking of him ... " Carol-Ann Moyers Buchanan

Chuck helped us realize that sometimes actions really do speak louder than words.

Hope Window Dedicated In Memory of Chuck Moyers

The Story of the Hope Bucket


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