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Seasons of Hope Windows

The windows, created by Tim Holder, are separated into four panels.
They represent the four seasons as well as the stages of life.

Click on the window to read its story.

A conversation with Tim Holder

After the first window was completed, Tim struggled to return to the project without success. “It was more difficult than I can explain to try to finish the windows,” he said. To add an additional burden to the project was that three of the windows also memorialized Tim's friends and to finish the project presented him with a finality that was almost unbearable. “I finally realized that I was holding myself back from finishing them…I didn't want to let these friends go.” he said.

After more than a year's time, the windows remained incomplete and Tim decided to approach the center's director Jeannie Gillian. “She helped me see what was holding me back and I remembered why I first did the windows. I thought of my friend Breton and how he would recoil when waiting to see the doctor. The institutional glass that was originally in the Hope Center made me think what it would be like to wait in that office. I thought they could have something beautiful to look at which might take their thoughts from failing health to happier times. This was the gift I wanted to give,” Tim said.

Tim's motivation to create the stained glass artwork for the Hope Center came from local television personality Bill Williams who lost a son to AIDS. “He talked about the ominous fear we all feel about HIV and pointed out there isn't one of us who can solve the problem. He said the thing to do is think about what you can do. 'Think small,' he said. I have held onto those words for years now, simply thinking of what I can do, not so much of what I wish I could do,” Tim said.

Tim Holder did go on to finish the windows and they are currently installed in the Hope Center. The light streams through them to greet visitors the moment the elevator doors open to 7 North. To Tim, the windows hold memories of friends old and new, permanently forged in the treasures of glass.

Glass Treasures Make Memories for Hope Center by Teresa Nolen Pratt.
Voices of Hope Newsletter, February 2005.
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