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    It's no secret that the best, safest, and most effective way to train is to start at the very beginning. Before the Covenant Health Marathon Team starts training, each member is encouraged to undergo two important screening processes from Covenant Health. For five years, we've been getting rave reviews from team members about how Covenant Health's physical therapists, exercise physiologists, trainers, and fitness instructors have made the training process more productive and improved performance. If you're going to include an endurance event like the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon in your weight loss plan, consider these valuable tools:

    Walker/Runner Evaluation
    Whether just starting out or seasoned with experience, walkers, joggers, and runners can benefit greatly from a thorough evaluation of their form and function. That's what you'll get with the Walker/Runner Evaluation at Covenant Therapy Centers. Board certified sports and orthopedic specialists can check for tightness, imbalances and abnormalities during the screening and make appropriate suggestions/modifications for your personal training plan.

    The screening is a complete musculoskeletal evaluation specifically designed for the runner or fitness walker and includes assessment of:


    • Flexibility 
    • Strength 
    • Lower quarter biomechanics 
    • Video gait analysis 
    The cost of this evaluation is $93, far less than most people pay for their sports shoes. Certainly one of the wisest investments in your health that can be made. A physician referral is not necessary. To schedule an evaluation, call  (865) 531-5710.


    Fitness Integration

    To set realistic goals, it's important to know what your body is capable of, as well as where your strengths and weaknesses lie. The Fitness Integration process at Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center gives a complete look at how your body responds to exercise. There are two parts to this process:

    Fitness Assessment - A one hour appointment with an Exercise Physiologist held privately in the Fit Test Office. Testing includes: blood pressure, heart rate, height, weight, body fat percentage estimation, circumference measurements, walking test for cardiovascular endurance, push-ups (knee push-ups for females), crunches, and sit and reach test for flexibility. In addition to the testing, you will have a print-out of your results. Goals and recommendations will also be discussed. You will be given a copy of the recommendations. You should show to Missy Kane the recommendations so she can make any necessary modifications to line up with the marathon training plan.

    Program Design - A one hour appointment with a Fitness Instructor held on the Fitness Floor. A personalized resistance training workout will be made for you based on the Exercise Physiologist's recommendations. The Fitness Instructor will demonstrate each exercise in the workout and have you practice it yourself. The exercises, proper weight and settings will be written out for you on a workout card for you to refer back to. You will also be given a sheet with stretches to follow to help with your flexibility.

    This assessment is included in the membership price at the fitness center. Contact an Exercise Physiologist at 531-5021 for more information and appointment availability. To learn more about Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center, visit


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