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    Phil Kaplan


    After participating in the Biggest Winner program for two years
     as a rank and file team member, Phil Kaplan (right) is now
     offering support to newer team members who are going
     through what he experienced in the past.

    Phil is executive sports editor for the News Sentinel, having taken on that role in 2010. This is his fourth year involved with the marathon team. He has completed six half marathons since a rebirth with running in the spring of 2009.

    Phil started out as a rank and file member of marathon team, still on his journey to a more healthy and fit lifestyle. As an "honorary" team member representing a media sponsor, Phil had the lucky option of choosing to return to the team for a second year. But there was a problem. Anyone who looked at team pictures could clearly see that the new lean and strong Phil Kaplan didn't belong on the team anymore. Phil participated in every training session he could, anyway, continuing to perfect his speed, strength, and agility. And as he did, he encouraged team members who were still struggling with extra weight.

    So this year, Phil is doing exactly what he did last year, which is a lot more than participating in a weight loss program. He's helping coach others to reach the finish line and take off toward a new and healthier way of life. Phil is a graduate of State University of New York at Oswego, a member of Associated Press Sports Editors and the Knoxville Track Club.
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