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    Patty Longmire

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    Patty Longmire, 48, Knoxville – Kind and compassionate Patty takes good care of everyone in her life. Being on the marathon team gave her resources and motivation to take better care of herself. An experienced runner and fitness walker, she's a great encourager. She's walked down the weight loss road before and knows what it's like to have that "ah ha" moment that causes you to want to make a drastic change in your life. In 1995, Patty went to a party where she was supposed to dress in Western Wear. She had to go to the party wearing unzipped jeans. That was her first real wake-up call that it was time for this non-athlete to do something about her weight. Patty says in the years since then, she has discovered that the secret to success isn’t in your stomach. It’s in your head. “Life is precious and we must not waste what time we have,” Patty says. “That is why I am on this journey to better health. I just don’t want to waste anymore days.”

    Patty’s Advice:

    You have to start somewhere and you have to start out small. You can't go from being a couch potato to running a marathon in a day. It takes time, courage and discipline...but we are worth it.

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