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Oliver & Company Care Team


Oliver Bear

Hope Center’s care team is officially named Oliver & Company in honor of Oliver A. Bear, our teddy bear companion and volunteer for the past 18 years.


Endorsed by Covenant Health, this diverse team of compassionate caregivers has provided supportive services at no charge to patients and families throughout the community.

Their assignments are based on needs that have been identified by staff, physicians, family members and the patients themselves. Services include everything from pet care to nursing home visits. One young woman who lived alone was frightened to go home from the hospital with no one available to care for her. Care team members checked on her with phone calls and visits until she was able to care for herself.   The volunteers of the Oliver & Company Care Team are making a difference every day, and Hope Center is thankful to be able to provide this incredibly worthwhile community outreach program.

Oliver & Company exists solely because of caring volunteers from all walks of life who support and participate in this  community outreach program. 

Potential volunteers are interviewed and they have a background check.  Ongoing training sessions and support team meetings are encouraged to ensure that assignments are compatible with the volunteer’s level of comfort with the task requested.   Special thanks to the East Tennessee AIDS Fund for supporting our care team.          

To learn more about the Oliver & Company volunteer program, please email us at or call the Hope Center at (865) 541-3767. 

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