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    Changing food choices and food preparation

    Missy Kane > Weighing In

    Examples of low-calorie & low-fat meals
    For more low calorie meals, check out our recipe section

    Breakfast (choose one)

    1. Bagel (with little butter), or low fat cream cheese
    2. Boiled Egg with toast
    3. Fruit and cereal
    4. Hot Cereal with little butter (1/2 tablespoon)
    5. Fruit and instant breakfast

    Snacks (small snacks are fine to eat once a day)

    Fruit, pretzels, half bagel, low fat yogurt, veggie sticks & low cal dip, saltine crackers, rice cakes, sugar free gum & mints, flavored coffee, low-cal tea’s.

    Lunch (choose one)

    1. Vegetable plate special with half of a roll or corn muffin (spray butter).
    2. Sandwich made without or with a little Mayo, and fruit and pretzels.
    3. Salad without bacon, with low fat dressing and 4-6 crackers.
    4. Baked potato with a little butter, or low fat plain yogurt, with spices.
    5. Soup and crackers, and piece of fruit, or cut-up veggies.

    Dinner (choose one)

    1. Baked chicken or fish, with 2 vegetables, small side salad w/low calorie dressing and one roll with little butter. (no biscuits)
    2. Low fat lasagna, or casserole that substitutes low-fat cheeses for regular etc. (Parmesan cheese and others are lower in fat)
    3. Spaghetti and meatless sauce, or clam sauce with salad and roll.
    4. Small grilled steak, or pork with baked potato, side salad & vegetable.
    5. Store bought lean cuisine or other brands with side salad and crackers. Dessert if eating a low fat or healthy choice.


    Once or twice a week, it’s ok to eat a small slice of favorite pie or cake. On other days stick to small servings of graham crackers, vanilla wafers, low fat frozen yogurt, or yogurt covered pretzels for dessert. The key is to limit the portion size and how often you eat fats and sweets.

    Avoid fried foods, peanut butter, Crisco, heavy creams and mayo.

    Add some nuts (almonds, pecans etc.) to salads for protein etc. and also tuna well drained with lemon pepper/little mayo helps my craving for protein.

    *Please make sure that you check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.  If you experience pain, extreme shortness of breath or other alarming symptoms stop and seek medical attention.  Many doctors now recommend having a complete physical with an exercise test after the age of 40, or for those with a strong history of heart disease. "No pain, no gain" is an out-of-date, incorrect statement when it concerns fitness.  Exercise doesn’t have to hurt to work!  Go at your own pace.

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