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Missy Kane Fitness Programs

Missy Kane

I’m Missy Kane and I’d like to welcome you to my web site.

There’s an old song that says summertime is when the livin’ is easy. I prefer the word, “casual,” because I can’t sit still when the weather warms up and the sun is shining! It’s a perfect time to get outdoors and get moving. Here are some summertime tips to help you make the most of the season.

1. Go early or late. Plan outdoor activities before 10 a.m. or after 3 p.m. to avoid the most intense and potentially damaging rays of the sun. Wear sunscreen anytime you’re outdoors, and reapply it every 30 minutes or so if you’re in the water.

2. Make it social. Exercising with friends keeps you motivated and helps you stay accountable. You can also include the family, taking a walk or jog at a local park while the kids ride bikes or scooters along side you.

3. Stay hydrated. Always keep water or a cold sports drink on hand, and take sips during your workout. For exercisers who are 50+, take a towel along to wipe sweat from your face, neck, and arms. As we age, sweat tends to sit atop our skin, and doesn’t evaporate as well.

4. Take it indoors! If you’re not a person who loves warm weather, join a fitness center or sign up for community classes. I like spin classes, where people with a variety of fitness levels can all get a great workout at the same time. Try intervals on an indoor track or treadmill, speeding up in short bursts throughout your walk or run.

And remember…
Life is more fun when you’re fit!

Get on the trails with us!

Have you heard about our Fitness Club?

This summer, we’ve been taking off on some hikes to make the most of the warm weather. July 15, we met at Panther Creek State Park with our friends from Morristown Hamblen Healthcare System. On July 28,  join us for a hike at Big Ridge State Park in Anderson County with Methodist Medical Center, followed by a hiking seminar at Claiborne Medical Center.

Meet three of our club members by clicking here.

In order to participate in our hikes, you should be in good physical condition and already exercising on your own – safety first!

There’s no cost to be a part of our Friday Fitness Club, but we do ask that you preregister as there is limited space for some of our programs. Get details and sign up by calling Covenant Health at 865-541-4500. See you on the trail!