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Meet the 2011 Team

Kelsey Godfrey

Read Kelsey's personal blog:


Biggest Winner Kelsey Godfrey. The photo at right was taken her first day with the team.

The first question you might have - "How much weight did she lose?"
While that's important, it wasn't the only factor in determining that she was the winner, not by a
long shot.

The Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon Biggest Winner Weight Loss Challenge is different from a lot of other weight loss competitions in that it focuses on overall health, strength, team participation, volunteerism, and even attitude as much as the number on the scales. Kelsey excelled in all these areas and she ranked first in several.

Unlike the popular weight loss competition on TV, our contestants have to train while living in their own homes, surrounded by the pressures and temptations of everyday life. The idea isn't to crash off pounds. The idea is to build a healthy lifestyle that will last long after the cameras are gone.

But to answer the burning question, Kelsey had lost 32.5 pounds by her final official weigh-in. She continues on her journey to personal victory.

As the winner of this competition, Kelsey received a collections of gifts and certificates from marathon sponsors. She was also presented with an award plaque that included pictures of her new self in the studio and on the finish line.

The second question you might have - "How do I get on the team?"
Our contestants are chosen by organizers of the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon and a variety of experts on fitness and health. There's no set number of team members, but the target is 6-10. In addition to these candidates, the media sponsors of the marathon are invited to send representatives to help encourage the team and take advantage of programs and education offered by Covenant Health.

Make no mistake, it requires a time commitment. Past team members will tell you it's practically like taking on a second job. But they will also tell you it's well worth the time and effort.

Think the Biggest Winner challenge might be right for you? The new application for our next team will be posted in August.

Pounds don't pile onto your body overnight, and they don't come off and stay off without a lot of hard work and commitment. We congratulate each one of our 2011 team members for achieving goals to lose weight and get healthy, but  most of all for jump starting a new lifestyle for a better quality of life. 

2011 Biggest Winner Competitors:

See starting and finishing weight here:

David Taylor

David was overweight, but he really signed up to train for the sake of another team member - his son. Held back by health problems, David's determination never waned and he was back on track with training just a week and a half after surgery. Next to Biggest Winner Kelsey Godfrey, David lost the most pounds on this journey. His positive attitude and his willingness to take advantage of all the educational opportunities offered helped him succeed in the race to personal fitness.  



When Thomas joined the program, he told us the only marathon event he had ever participated in was a video gaming marathon. While Thomas enjoyed working out at the fitness center, he wasn't too excited about going on a diet. Like many people his age, he loves living on good food and sugary soft drinks. But Coach Missy Kane told him if would just make even one significant change in his diet, it would make a difference on the scales. Thomas took her advice, cutting out sugared soft drinks. In one month, he dropped six pounds with no other major changes in his diet. By the last weigh-in, he had lost 18 pounds.

Pam Johnson 
Pam was the smallest member of our team when the weight loss challenge began. She's still the smallest, but you might notice that her smile has gotten bigger. This working mom was one of our most faithful participants, attending as many training and informational sessions as she possibly could, and it paid off. It's not just weight loss for Pam. Check out the way her figure has changed with strength training. You can definitely say the time she spent training didn't go to "waist."

Kim Robards 
When Kim joined the team, she thought she'd have plenty of time to train for a half marathon because she was unemployed. However, she soon found a new job and was busy on the road. It would have been a good reason to quit, but that's just not they way Kim works. She pressed on, working hard to squeeze in workouts, and squeezing off extra inches. If you look at Kim's calendar, you’ll come to the conclusion that there's no way she could train for a marathon event. She did it anyway, for herself as well as her two young sons.  

Scott Bolin
Scott Bolin is a father of four (two adult children, two still at home), a Sunday School teacher, and works as imaging manager at Fort Loudoun Medical Center in Lenoir City. Scott’s “ah-ha” moment came about a year ago when he was walking up the stairs of his home in Maryville, and had to stop midway to take a breath. It was at that moment that he promised himself he would regain his fitness. He set a goal for running 20 miles, and surpassed it on race day, running 26.2 miles in the full marathon. Scott also dropped a significant amount of body fat and was a team champion, congratulating other team members on their successes and encouraging them in their setbacks. 

Kelsey Godfrey
Kelsey Godfrey describes herself as an avid fan of The Biggest Loser. Halfway through the program we saw her with the numbers "199" written on her arm in black ink. It was her goal weight. She surpassed that goal by the final weigh-in, and dropped nearly 40 pounds in four months time. On April 3, Kelsey completed her sixth half marathon with her best time ever. Kelsey is a student who is learning more than what's being taught on campus this year. She's learning how to have a better quality of life.

Wyatt Hall
At the age of 54, Wyatt Hall is the oldest living male is his family. His father died of heart disease at age 43, his uncle at age 44, and his grandfather at 45. Wyatt believes he has survived because of exercise, but when he joined us in December he had decided that he needed something more. He wanted to learn how to live a truly healthy lifestyle so he could add life to his years as well as years to his life. Saying he was "blown away" by all the information and tools Covenant Health provided, he crossed the finish line of the half marathon with a big smile on his face. 

Janet Wille
Janet will tell you that she didn't lose a whole lot of weight in this program. But she will tell you that she has succeeded in many ways that can't be measured on the scales. The 10 pounds she lost while a part of this weight loss challenge actually capped off a 45-pound weight loss in the two years before she joined us. A diabetic, Janet's fasting blood sugar has dropped, her "bad" cholesterol has dropped, she has more muscle, more energy, and her clothes fit so differently that people are taking notice. Best of all, she now has enough energy and self confidence to join her athletic husband and daughter when they enter 5k races. Living a healthy lifestyle is now a family affair in the Wille household.



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