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    Get the Right Shoes

    The best place to start your training for the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon is at the bottom. You will depend on your athletic shoes to carry you hundreds of miles and across the finish line. Make sure you get the right shoes for the race!

    How to shop for shoes:

    New Balance Knoxville
    is the official shoe brand of the
    Covenant Health Marathon Team

    New Balance Knoxville
    8207-F Kingston Pike
    Knoxville, TN 37919

    ♦ Don’t shop for shoes first thing in the morning. Your feet will swell through the day.
    ♦ Don’t just grab a pair off the rack. Go to a store where you can be professionally fitted. It’s critical to have shoes that conform to the shape and function of your foot.
    ♦ Consider what the shoes will be used for. Check the label or ask a sales person which shoes are for walking, running, hiking, trail running, or whatever specific activity you plan to be involved in.
    ♦ Make sure the price is right. The most expensive shoes in the store aren’t always the best ones for your particular needs.
    ♦ Try on shoes with the socks you’ll be wearing.
    ♦ Allow a thumbnail’s width between the shoe and your big toe.
    ♦ Hardly anyone has two feet that are exactly the same size. Get the size that’s comfortable for your larger foot.
    ♦ If the shoe fits, wear it. But if the shoe is uncomfortable in the store, try something else.
    ♦ If you have persistent problems with pain when you walk or run, ask about orthotics and consider seeing a physical therapist.

    After you buy the shoes:

    ♦ Wear them indoors awhile before you take them out on a training run or walk.
    ♦ Never wear new shoes on a long run or walk.
    ♦ On your first short run or walk, stop if you feel hot spots. Hot spots are indicators that blisters may be on the way.
    ♦ It takes about two weeks for a new pair of shoes to be broken in sufficiently.

    When to buy new shoes:

    ♦ When your shoes have had 350 to 550 miles of use.
    ♦ When you notice aches and pains in your feet or legs while wearing old shoes.
    ♦ At least a month before a race.

    Plan ahead and purchase a new pair of shoes before your old ones wear completely out.

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