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Kim Lauth

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Kimberly Lauth, 49, Knoxville – When Kim joined our team, she had no idea what a dramatic year lay ahead. The biggest change involved her career as she went into business for herself for the first time. We like to think that being on the team helped her through the transition. While many people binge on comfort foods during stressful times, Kim had the support of her team and her coaches to stay on a healthy diet and exercise regimen to keep her strong and sane. Kim has never been much for athletics, and we gave her a special "Lipstick Award" for being the team member who always carried lipstick in her pocket on training days. But Kim says crossing the finish line made her feel like Wonder Woman - like she could do anything. We're inclined to agree!

Kim’s advice:

Life throws us all curve balls and we can get caught up in the daily grind. My message is, as long as you are breathing you can change. I may not ever be an elite athlete – but I can be a better version of me.

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