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    Covenant Kids Fun Run at Zoo


    Cold temperatures and a little snow certainly wasn't a damper on the enthusiasm of 6-year-old hand cyclists Tanner Adkins and Ethan Roach or their support crew, who competed in their first road race at the Covenant Kids Run kick-off event February 2, 2013.

    The fun run at the Knoxville Zoo kicks off a winter fitness challenge to encourage kids to exercise and to complete nearly a full 26.2 mile marathon over the weeks leading up to the official Covenant Kids Run on April 6, 2013 at World's Fair Park when they ran the last mile together.

    Both boys participate in the Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center’s Innovative Recreation Cooperative (IRC), which provides recreation options for people with disabilities. IRC has loaned the child-size hand bikes to the families so that the first graders can train for the event.

    Information and registration for the 2014 Covenant Kids Run will soon be available online at or by calling Covenant Health at 865-541-4500.

    Covenant Kids Run Fittest School Challenge

    The Covenant Kids Run also offers a Fittest School Challenge, a friendly competition between area elementary schools to encourage participation, promote healthy physical activities, and get kids excited about exercising.  Schools receive points for each child that participates and the school with the most points wins the title of Fittest School and prizes.  For more information, call Jason Altman, executive director of the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon,at 865-684-4294 or visit



    To view the 2013 results go to

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