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    Tips for a Winning Essay

    1. Type the essay.  We require that all essays be legible.  The review committee reserves the right to


      disqualify nominations on these grounds.


    2. Stick with current accomplishments.  The Covenant Senior Honors program isn’t intended to be a lifetime achievement award.  It’s meant to be a lifestyle award.  It’s nice to include a few lines about accomplishments before the age of 65,  but don’t spend too much time on the past.  Instead, focus on how your nominee is living life to the fullest now.  Judges will only consider accomplishments and activities occurring during the senior years (65 and above).    
    1. Remember the words “variety” and “well-rounded.”  The ideal nominees are well-rounded senior citizens who are who are involved in a variety of pursuits.  Don’t just tell us about the tap dancer.  Tell us about how the tap dancer sings in the church choir, sews quilts, and serves cookies to the neighborhood children.  Don’t just tell us about the artist.  Tell us about how the artist walks six miles each week, volunteers at the local community center and takes classes to improve his craft.  Judges will be instructed to look for involvement in four areas:  physical activity, artistic endeavors, academic pursuits, and community involvement.     
    1. Look for written confirmation.  Every nominator will be sent written confirmation when his or her nomination is received and processed.  If you don’t receive written confirmation, you may assume that Covenant Health has not received your essay.  Nominate early!  If you have not received written confirmation of receipt by July 30, 2012 call 865-541-4500.

    2. Write for the senior you are honoring, as well as the judging committee. At our gala event in August, each senior will be given a copy of the nomination essay that earned him or her a place on the Covenant Senior Honors list. For many, seeing the kind and encouraging words of someone who cared enough to nominate them is the absolute greatest honor of all.

    3. For more ideas, don't forget to check out the winning essays from past winners of the Covenant Platinum Awards.
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