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The "Hope Model" of Care

The Hope Model supports both the anticipatory care and patient self-management approach. The model of anticipatory care is unique to the Hope Center and is a one-of-a-kind program in the region.  Its goal is to identify problems and needs that make up a patient’s medical and social situation.  To the extent possible, challenges and potential problems are addressed throughout the illness to avoid unnecessary health complications and stress.  Left unchecked, complications typically result in stressful medical procedures and expensive hospitalizations. 

 The patient self-management approach focuses on facilitating positive survival strategies.  The key to a patient’s successful management of his or her illness lies in the ability to learn self-directed skills that promote confidence, independence, and wellness.  For example, newly diagnosed patients need a place to start the task of learning to live with a life-changing illness.  Hope Center programs offer ongoing supportive care, education and resource referrals that enhance self-empowerment.  Our goal is to eventually hear patients state, with confidence, “I know how to take care of myself.  I know what I need to do to survive or to live as long as I can.”
The Hope Model requires a pragmatic approach in the administration of its patient-centered programs.  By definition, patient-centered programs focus on the patient’s perception of illness and practical needs, rather than the preconceived ideas of others who are not living with the disease.  This means that the patients are viewed as the authorities on how they live with HIV and other serious illnesses.  With a focus on empathy, dignity, quality of life, spirituality, and hope, the Hope Model begins where the patient is with their unique circumstances and works from that point in partnership with the patient to enhance motivation and develop flexible coping strategies throughout the illness. 

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