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Hope Center Volunteers

Candid Photos of some of the
Hope Center Volunteers






Hope for the Holidays Celebration

During the first Hope for the Holidays in 1995, we gathered to light candles in memory of lost friends and to share stories about their lives.  Each year, we still gather around the hope tree with candles in hand to remember those we hold close to our hearts.  But now, we are grateful for the many caring supporters who brighten the holiday season much beyond our early days of lighting candles.  We appreciate the dozens of volunteers who provide Hope Buckets for members, "Angel Tree Gifts" for their children, a "Free Santa's Shoppe," children's activities, a warm meal, music, and pictures with Santa Claus.  Our hope is that guests will be able, for at least one day, to leave their troubles outside and enjoy the holiday celebration. 


Hope Buckets

Chucky Moyers was the inspiration for this project. After he had attended his last Hope Center Holiday party in 1999, he felt a bit overwhelmed by the tremendous outpouring of gifts just for children. When his sister, Carol-Ann Buchanan, discussed the idea of a "Hope Bucket" for adults, he thought it was great!  After his death in 2000, Carol-Ann initiated the Hope Bucket project with the goal that the buckets would give the patients a spark, sometimes their only spark for the holidays.  Hope buckets are filled with everyday items that can be used throughout the year.  Thanks to the donors' continued support of this project, more than 200 Hope Buckets are distributed at the Hope for the Holidays celebration every year. 


© Oliver & Company is a unique team of trained volunteers.  They provide non-medical support for patients with special needs, or they may assist patients in the absence of, or in addition to, the primary caregiver.  Oliver volunteers are recruited to offer additional practical services in partnership with the healthcare team.  After a background check by Covenant Health, volunteers participate in educational sessions that include HIV basics, HIPAA, Universal Precautions, Cultural Diversity, and Integrity Compliance.  Ongoing support-team meetings are attended.  Supportive care assignments evolve from referrals to the Hope Center from physicians, staff, other community healthcare facilities and from family or friends.  Depending on the needs, volunteers may be involved at the onset of illness or at any stage, including family bereavement.   Oliver volunteers accept assignments compatible with their schedule, physical abilities, and level of comfort with the task requested.  All patient-focused support is arranged and monitored by Hope Center in collaboration with the patient, physician, volunteer, and caregivers.  Special thanks to the East Tennessee AIDS Fund for their support of our care team.


Other opportunities are fundraising events, community education presentations, mailings at the office ... and during the year, opportunities arise unexpectedly.  


To request additional information about Volunteer Opportunities.


If you are interested in volunteering, please call Hope Center (865) 541-3767 to set up at time to meet with Dr. Gillian at the hospital.

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