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Heidi Parunak

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Heidi Parunak, 56, Seymour – Saucy, sassy, and always ready for fun, Heidi was given a special award for being an inspiration to her fellow team members and coaches. In the course of her years, she has overcome insurmountable odds to find the beauty in life. At her first meeting with the marathon team, Heidi cried because she recognized it as a special blessing. The meeting was in October, and in October three years earlier, a compassionate doctor had explained to her that she would be dead in three years if she didn't get her weight under control. She had tipped the scales at over 400 pounds. Since then, Heidi has changed her life and won.

Heidi lost a significant amount of weight, but her biggest victories have come from places other than the scales. She celebrates that she no longer gets winded walking six feet, that she can sleep, that people who doubted her have become believers, and that she is changing lives of loved ones and even restoring relationships. 

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