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Covenant HealthQuest logoCovenant HealthQuest is a partnership to control healthcare costs by data driven employer strategies which connect employees to community based services and providers.

The Problem

Healthcare costs are rapidly becoming a burden to employers. The facts present a grim picture:

  • 85% of healthcare costs come from 15% of employees
  • 70% of all healthcare claims filed each year could be reduced by lifestyle changes and improved health
  • Premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance in the United States have been rising four times faster on average than workers’ earnings since 2000
  • 35-40% of employees do not have a primary care doctor and say they do not have time to take off from work or cannot afford to miss work to receive any health care

Unfortunately, only extreme circumstances will drive many employees to seek the help of a physician before an emergency arises and the costs are even greater. Also, many wellness programs are not based on the biometrics of the employees or actual solutions are not provided or utilized by the employees. Therefore, data may be collected and reported but then sits on desks or within computers only adding to the expenses for an Employer.

The Solution

Covenant HealthQuest is not a wellness program but rather the employer’s partner to provide a comprehensive population health management program. Employers can rely on a compelling business strategy which:

  • Identifies their population’s health risks and behaviors that drive healthcare costs
  • Targets an employer’s investment in Population Health Management
  • Provides claims analysis, estimated annual healthcare expense and savings
  • Connects the employees and employer to healthcare providers and services to provide positive results
  • Offers real time tracking of employees’ engaging with services, clinicians, and educational opportunities
  • Provides annual trending data of the population’s health
  • Protects and maintains the data regardless of insurance/benefit changes
  • Communicates both with the employer and the employees to ensure a healthier workforce and financial bottom line

Covenant HealthQuest connects the employer/employee to actual services and providers by the following:

  • Providing the most comprehensive evidence based personal health surveys and reports through Applied Health Analytics.
  • Providing the biometric team for the screenings and lab work
  • Utilizing the Applied Health software to provide aggregate analysis for the employer/broker/hr manager/risk manager as well as on-going reports for needed services, screenings, etc to continually target high risks & high costs
  • Direct communication between healthcare professionals and the employees for event or clinical service scheduling, and individual motivational & educational opportunities
  • Work site screenings, consultations, and educational opportunities
  • Access to Covenant Health facilities, services, & professionals

The Exception

Covenant HealthQuest goes beyond the fluff of providing brochures and waterbottles to actually working with both the employer and employees to target risks and meet healthcare needs.

It is a relationship between the employer, employees, Covenant Health and other healthcare partners to control healthcare costs and therefore improve the financial health of the company and the personal health of the employees.

HealthQuest provides the company with the information to make evidence-based decisions as we provide the individuals with the personal health knowledge and opportunities to actually manage and improve their health.

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