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    Groceries on a Diet


    If you want to draw attention, take a group of people shopping together and bring a big video camera. That's what we did - and our team received a lot of second looks at the Deane Hill Food City. 

    Team dietitian Ciara Csanadi gave us a great, real-life lesson on shopping for groceries when you're trying to lose weight. We've put a few of her tips here. WBIR's Erin Donovan came along to file a report for "Live at Five at Four." Special thanks to the management of Food City and the wonderful customers who worked around our camera!

    (Just a side note here, shopping with a registered dietitian is a standard feature of the Fort Sanders Weight Managment Program - it's not just for celebrities!)


    1. Read labels! You should always know how many calories you are consuming. The amount of calories is more important than the amount of fat.

    2. Plan meals ahead, know what you need, bring a list and stick to it.
     WBIR's "Darin' Erin" waits for a report on the 
     labels of her favorite canned soups from registered
     dietitian Ciara Csanadi.

    3. Buy more food from the perimeter of the store were the healthier foods are (produce, fresh meat, dairy).

    4. Stock your pantry with high protein foods like beans and tuna.

    5. Buying bread? The first ingredient should be "whole" as in whole wheat, whole oat, or whole grain.

    6. Try to buy bread products that don't include the word "enriched" on the list of ingredients.

    7. Be wary of "fat free" foods. If they took the fat out, they probably put something else in (ex., extra salt or sugar)

    8. Shop for the cereals on the top two shelves. The cereals on a kid's eye level are more likely to be higher in sugar

    9. When shopping for canned foods, go for reduced salt versions.

    10. Some foods are healthier when they're made at home instead purchased pre-packaged. Think about buying plain oatmeal so you control the amount of sugar and fat that go into it. Think about making your own soup so you control the salt content - or so you can toss in extra healthy ingredients. 

    And last, but not least - try something new! Ciara suggests trying one new fruit or vegetable every week. You never know, you might find a new favorite.

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