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Get Fit With Missy

Missy Kane's Fitness Programs


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  • Walking & Hiking
  • Exercise How To
  • We have seen thousands of these outlandish claims, but still hope that maybe one of these weight loss/fitness gimmicks really works! Well, deep down we know they don't work, but every year we see fitness fads come and go. 
    "Lose weight overnight"
    "Get fit in one week"
    "Lose 6 inches without exercising"
    "Hard abs without moving a muscle"

    The above claims are one reason I put this site together, to help you separate fact from fiction. As a former SEC Track coach, Olympian and someone with a master's degree in exercise science, I do know what REALLY works.

    I have designed seven six-week programs that you will find under the "Walking & Hiking" link, as well as other fitness tips and tricks. They can give you great results.

    Yes, you do have to sweat, and you need to eat healthy foods, but the workout combinations should make exercise enjoyable!

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