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    Board of Directors

    Fort Sanders Foundation

    Sid Law, Chair
    Jim Atchley
    Linda Gay Blanc
    Rob DelMoro
    Mary Dillon, M.D.
    Rick Fox
    Johnny Griffin
    Shohreh "Nazzy" Hashemian
    Andy Johnson
    Ann Montgomery
    Scott Seaman
    Mike Swift  
      Sid Law
    Ex-Officio Members
    Pat Kimbrough, Fort Sanders Regional Auxiliary President
    Jeff Elliott, Covenant Health VP of Develoment
          & Philanthropy
    Tony Spezia, Covenant Health President and CEO
    Emeritus Members
    Dean C. Anderson
    Marylyn S. Bullock
    Josephine D. Cochran
    James A. Haslam, II
    Larry D. Jones
    William C. Williams
    Ernest T. Youngblood

    Fort Sanders Foundation Staff
    Jeff Elliott, Vice President of Development & Philanthropy
    Misty Brown, Director of Development
    Vanessa Skeen, Coordinator of Accounting & Development
    Kay Smartt, Coordinator of Data & Development
    Laura Wallace, Director of Marketing/Communications
    Fort Sanders Foundation
    280 Fort Sanders West Blvd., Suite 202
    Knoxville, TN 37922
    (865) 531-5210
    © 2014 Covenant Health
    100 Fort Sanders West Blvd.
    Knoxville, TN 37922
    (865) 374-1000