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    Fellowship Center

    The Fellowship Center is a free outpatient lodging center. Since 1984 this “little bit of home” has aided families coping with serious illnesses. In 1992, through the generosity of the Lucille S. Thompson Family Foundation, the program was expanded from four to eighteen furnished apartments and a family room and laundry. These apartments are provided free of charge by Fort Sanders Foundation and Covenant Health.

    "Thank you all for the love and sunshine
    you have brought into my Life here at
    Fellowship Center. I love you all."
    Edd Vinson, GA

    Outpatients of the Thompson Cancer Survival Center have priority for use of the Fellowship Center apartments. As space permits we welcome outpatients from Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center as well as those referred by other area health care facilities. 

     "There is no way in the world that we
    can adequately convey our appreciation
    to you and your staff and other residents
    and the happy memories we have stored
    to take back home to Florida. You
    greatly help make ‘you can cope’ possible.
    This truly is a Fellowship Center."
    Sandy Jones, FL

    Fellowship Center consists of eighteen one–bedroom apartments that become “a home away from home.” Each apartment is fully–furnished and located in one of two buildings: the Chapman House and the Bishop House, one block north of the Thompson Cancer Survival Center and Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center at 1815 and 1800 Laurel Avenue.

    The apartments are equipped with twin beds, a couch–bed, furnished kitchens, microwaves, cable TV, telephones and linens. A family room and laundry are located in the Bishop House. Community groups stock a pantry which is available for all guests.

    The Fort Sanders Auxiliary has provided a station wagon to transport outpatients to the Thompson Cancer Survival Center for treatment and a grant for weekday lunches for all guests.

    The staff is on call 24 hours a day. There are free parking and laundry facilities available on site.

    Lodging requests may be made through hospital Social Services or by calling (865) 541–1725.  

     “You will never know what your love
    has meant to us. We have never met a
    group of people so sweet and caring..”
    Ronnie and Donna Adams, VA

    The Fellowship Center is a lodging center…a little bit of home. It was created to help guests combat the emotional, financial and physical pressures of traumatic illness. This caring project provides comfort and support to guests coming from all over the United States.

    Fellowship Center is totally sustained through the generosity of its guests and friends. Through gifts of money, furnishings, time and talent, our friends have made this service possible. For information, donations, or reservations contact us at the address below: 

    The Fellowship Patio
    The Fellowship Patio
    The Fellowship Center
    1800 and 1815
    Laurel Avenue
    Knoxville, TN 37916
    (865) 541-1725
    (865) 521-6729
     No smoking or pets, please.

    …I marvel at the beauty God has made
    In all this gracious earth
    on which we dwell,
    Vast hills, and the joyous light,
    and gentle shade:

    But the richest cause for praise
    I always find
    In lives of people who are brave
    and kind.

    “God’s Marvelous People”
    from Think About These Things
    by Jane Merchant

    The Fellowship Center

    Make a Donation
    Fort Sanders Foundation now offers online donation to Fellowship Center

    The apartments are cozy and comfortable
    The apartments are cozy and comfortable

    Newly decorated apartments feature handmade quilts
    Newly decorated apartments
    feature handmade quilts

    The Chapman House
    The Chapman House

    The Bishop House
    The Bishop House

    Guests enjoying the Family Room
    Guests enjoying the Family Room


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