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    Family Fit Tips

    Studies show that parents who exercise regularly are more likely to have kids who also participate in fitness activities and who will value the importance of fitness as adults.  So set a good example and get active!  

    Ÿ Take a family walk after dinner. 
     I took my daughter and a friend paddle boarding at The
     Cove in the Concord area and they loved it! You can
     rent these from Riversports as well as down at the new
     Outdoor Knoxville office. It only took a few minutes
     to learn and it's a good core workout. Another hiker
     friend  came with along, we rented a kayak and had fun.
     Only $25 dollars for half a day. We shared a board with
     4-5 folks and took turns.
    When you’re ready for a more strenuous workout, you can jog with older kids while little ones ride their bikes or scooters alongside.

    Ÿ Pack a picnic once a week and make a trip to a local park.  Play soccer or volleyball before you eat, then enjoy a leisurely stroll when the meal is done. Enjoy the scenery and the beautiful changing seasons in East Tennessee. 

    Ÿ Plan vacations that are active.  Plan your family trips around what your kids can do, instead of just what they can see.  Beaches, mountains, and lakes are natural playgrounds. If you are driving on a trip, find rest stops near community parks or playgrounds where everyone can stretch and MOVE! Weather not cooperating? Look for a bowling alley or skating rink at your destination area. 

    Ÿ Send your kids to day camps or encourage after-school activities that involve physical activity. If your child is playing a game of soccer, you can use that time to walk 20 minutes around the outside of the field or park.

    Ÿ Join a club that supports your family’s fitness goals. The Knoxville Track Club is a great place to start.  Also check your local Parks and Recreation department to find free or inexpensive activities for children.

    Ÿ Search the web for ideas. There are some great sites
    out there about places and ways to play with your family.
    You’ll find great lists of trails and maps of local parks at for biking, hiking, kayaking,
    and more. I took my daughter paddle boarding at The Cove in Concord this summer and she loved it!
    Ÿ Exercise with me on my Fit and Fun show at 7 a.m. on East Tennessee PBS M-F, or “Teenage Fit and Fun w/
    Missy Kane,” at 1 p.m. on your local PBS stations.
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