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Seasons of Hope ...Fall

In Memory of

David William McNabb

November 5, 1953 - January 8, 1999

The flame from the small candle
danced and flickered in the warm spring breeze.
The candle was young, its flame strong.
Its warmth and glow would be felt by many.

A dark wind came
from out of nowhere, without a name,
a cold foreboding wind
carrying the sting of death.

The tiny flame shuddered, twisted, and turned,
bracing itself against the aggressive wind.
The wind was relentless.
As time and suffering passed,
the flame and wind
learned to understand each other.

The dark wind ceased to blow
and for a short while the tiny flame,
now dim and weak, was at peace.
But soon the flame was visited
by a warm gentle breeze-
a solitary puff-
and the small flame
was extinguished forever.

But the candle was still young.
The candle still had life left.  

Vernon Lee Gillian
©February 1999 (used with permission)

 This poem is in memory of David McNabb (1953-1999), a Knoxville lawyer, philanthropist, activist, and caregiver of his many friends living with AIDS. David died on January 8, 1999.

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