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    Exercising on a budget

    If you've been looking for a cost-effective way to get fit, walking/jogging is just about the best bargain there is. All you really have to have to get started is a good pair of shoes (maybe a second pair for back-up).

    But don't stop there if you're shooting for long-term weight loss. You have to make exercise a part of your daily life. The movie nights that include buttery popcorn and brownies need to be replaced. Those lazy Saturdays with pancakes and bacon have to make way for something else. Those family bonding sessions at the restaurant need to be redirected.

    Look for ways you (and your family) can get up and get active on a daily basis. Remember, exercise isn't always called "exercise." Sometimes it's called "having fun":

    - Dancing
    - Hiking
    - Bike riding
    - Backyard games of football, soccer, etc.,
    - Frisbee
    - Playing chase with your family pet
    - Active video games
    - Swimming 

    These are all good forms of exercise that don’t have to cost and arm and a leg. 

    When you need more...

    But what if you're training for an endurance event like a half marathon? Should you invest in something more?

    The answer is "yes," and we're happy to report that the investment doesn't have to be an overly expensive one. Community exercise classes can provide an inexpensive way to get a good, full-body workout, press you to work harder, and provide accountability and camaraderie. These are all key elements to successful training, or to successfully changing to a healthier lifestyle.

    We highly recommend Covenant Health bodyWORKS, a program that offers group exercise at area churches and community centers. BodyWORKS classes come in a wide variety of styles and levels of difficulty. They call it "exercise for every body," and we couldn't agree more. The classes are affordable (just $3 per class) with multiple locations and no contracts. For a list of class times and locations, visit

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