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    Runner's and Cyclist's Screenings

    Whether just starting out or seasoned with experience, runners, distance walkers and cyclists can benefit greatly from a thorough evaluation of their form and function. Our board certified sports and orthopedic specialists look for tightness, imbalances and abnormalities during the screening and then make appropriate suggestions/modifications.

    The Runner’s and Walker's Screening is a complete musculoskeletal evaluation specifically designed for the runner or fitness walker and includes assessment of: 
    • Flexibility
    • Strength
    • Lower quarter biomechanics
    • Video gait analysis
    The Cyclist’s Screening includes assessment of:
    • The cyclist’s position on the bike
    • Stroke mechanics and analysis
    • Flexibility
    • Modifications necessary to reduce joint stress and improve efficiency

    $93 -  That's the cost of either screening.  Far less than most people pay for their sports shoes. Certainly one of the wisest investments in your health that can be made. A physician referral is not necessary. So call today to schedule your Runner’s or Cyclist’s Screening and perfect your form while avoiding injuries that may slow you down.


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