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The Human Side of HIV

Our interactive workshop enhances awareness, empathy, knowledge and hope.

Participants’ personal experiences, in their own words:

I didn’t expect to have the feelings or reactions that I had.  I thought I had an understanding of HIV but I really didn’t. 

I will never forget this experience.
I came in today not knowing what to expect.  And even if I had expected anything, this would have exceeded my expectations.  Thank you for allowing me to come and listen.  You all touched my heart.

The take-away today is to choose to educate others and provide compassion and support to others.  Today I take with me a better outlook on life and a better attitude.

I learned that opening up to people and trusting others to understand can be a breakthrough to endless possibilities.

That this diagnosis is just a diagnosis.  This could happen to anyone.  There are many misconceptions that come along with any diagnosis, but I will not allow myself to fall to that. 

I learned that everyone has their own struggles to deal with and their own demons to conquer, but in the end we are all people.  But through everything awful we endure and survive, so much better things are gained.

Our next workshop will be in March 2015

For more information, please contact Hope Center at (865) 541-3767 or by email:

Hope Center provides HIV education in the community with the dedicated assistance of Hope Teachers & Volunteers and the support of the East Tennessee AIDS Fund.  

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