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    Coach Missy Kane

    Missy Kane
    Fitness Promotion Coordinator
    Covenant Health

    As fitness promotion coordinator for Covenant Health, Missy Kane works to inspire others to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. She is a former Olympian, a Pan American Games medalist, and a former UT track coach. In addition to coaching the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon Team,  her coaching advice has been featured in “Ask the Experts” in Runner’s World. Missy hosts her own daily fitness program on ETPtv, “Fit and Fun with Missy Kane,” underwritten by Covenant Health.

    In September of 2009, Missy crossed a new hurdle. A routine skin exam revealed a cancerous melanoma on the bottom of her foot. Two months later, she was proud to be counted among the group of cancer survivors recognized at the BUDDY’S Race Against Cancer.

    As host of “Get on Trails with Missy and Friends,” she has guided hikes on thousands of miles throughout East Tennessee. She is also an avid bike rider, leading group rides over the scenic hills and valley in and around the Great Smoky Mountains. Last year Missy took on the new adventure of ballroom dancing. She was featured in “Dancing with the Knoxville Stars” to benefit East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.
    Missy is married to Jim BeMiller. They have two daughters, Kelsey and Gracie, and live in Knoxville.

    Tonya Stoutt-Brown
    Covenant Health Marathon Team Manger

    When she's not working with the marathon team, Tonya works in Covenant Health's corporate marketing department, focusing on on community fitness. She coordinates the Covenant Senior Honors program, promotes Fort Sanders West, and serves as editor for the weekly information article "HealthWise" in the News Sentinel.

    In her other life, Tonya lends her voice to WNOX-FM. You will sometimes hear Tonya's voice on public service announcements or on Covenant website video. Tonya began a career in radio when she was 18 years old and went on to become an award-winning journalist, receiving the coveted Edward R. Murrow Award for Investigative Reporting.

    This is Tonya's seventh year working with the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon and she's been managing the Biggest Winner team since its inception three years ago. In that first year, she lost 25 pounds and gained weight in muscle. Tonya is the team's head cheerleader, having literally walked in their shoes.

    Tonya lives in Blount County with her husband David and daughters Allison and Catherine Annie.

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