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    CMM Services

    Our physicians are a mixture of independent contractors and employed physicians who rely upon us to oversee the business management of their practices. CMM provides practice support to family practice physicians, general internal medicine, cardiology, cardiovascular thoracic surgery, general/vascular surgery, neurosurgery, neurology, endocrinology, orthopedic, obstetrics / gynecology and reproductive endocrinology.

    CMM Affiliated providers are eligible to benefit from the following services:

    Accounting Services
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    Accounting services provided on behalf of affiliated physicians include: payroll and accounts payable functions for practice staff, filing of federal and state business taxes, state unemployment, personal property taxes and franchise and excise taxes. CMM also provides affiliated physicians and managers with monthly income and cash statements relating to their practices as well as monthly statistical and utilization reports based on individual and practice productivity.

    Human Resource Support    (Back to Top)

    CMM offers a wide range of support to affiliated practices regarding human resources management. Such support includes providing personnel assessment and evaluation of physician practice staffing needs. CMM provides affiliated practices with data that allows practices to assess how they compare to both local and national benchmarks in terms of numbers of employees and compensation and benefits standards.

    Educational & Training Support for Staff    (Back to Top)

    Through an intensive orientation and training program, the CMM operational staff makes every effort to ensure that employees throughout the organization grow and develop in their jobs. Monthly office manager meetings cover a variety of topics relating to current issues affecting the health care industry and our region. Such issues include billing and procedural coding compliance, HIPAA, Integrity and Compliance, OSHA and CLIA training, human resource management, and computer training. Speakers from outside the organization often address affiliated managers on various issues. Office managers are afforded an opportunity to discuss common problems that they face in the day-to-day operations of their practices. Other office managers, as well as the CMM operational staff members, provide advise, guidance, and solutions to such problems.

    Managed Care/Insurance Company Negotiations    (Back to Top)

    CMM corporate staff members are available to review, assess, and provide advice to affiliated physicians regarding managed care and insurance provider agreements. Legal review of such agreements is commonly obtained as well.

    Operational Support    (Back to Top)

    The CMM operational staff provides day-to-day practice management support to affiliated practices on an as needed basis. The staff is available to field questions relating to all sorts of practice issues. Additionally, an extensive accounts receivable management plan has been implemented to monitor everything from fee schedules, reimbursement issues and problem payers. Attention to the details of accounts management results in maximizing reimbursement rates for affiliated physicians.

    Group Purchasing Discounts    (Back to Top)

    CMM's affiliation with Covenant Health affords it an opportunity to negotiate on behalf of affiliated physicians group purchasing discounts with vendors and suppliers. Such discounts mean lower practice expenses for affiliated physicians.

    Additional Services    (Back to Top)
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    • Marketing
    • Physician Recruiting
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