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    Chris O'Hearn


     Personal Trainer Chris O'Hearn is serving his fourth year as a member
     of the Biggest Winner coaching staff. .

    Chris O'Hearn
    Certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach

    Chris graduated college with a degree in business and a focus on marketing. But after a few years behind a desk, he started questioning where his true passion for life was. He now has a life's mission to help others reach for more, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Chris is a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and works with the Covenant Health Marathon Team on strength training. But he's also a certified life coach with the Coach Training Alliance.

    Playing ice hockey for most of his college life; Chris says he knew he was good at working out, discipline, and setting and reaching goals and dreams. He got into the fitness industry to help people better themselves physically, but he saw too many people slipping back into old habits and losing ground on their progress. With a naturally curious mind, an interest in habits and the inner workings of people’s minds, he decided he could do more for others if he could work on their minds as well as their bodies.

    Chris is a personal trainer at Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center, and as a life coach through His philosophy in both is that we always have a choice to either focus on the things, ideas, and goals we want in our life, or to stay where we are. Chris says, "Our lives are puzzles waiting to be pieced together, waiting to be created the way we dream, and I help those who have forgotten, don’t believe anymore, or just know there is so much more to life..."

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