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    BodyWorks Class Schedule

    September 2014 BodyWorks Printable Schedule.pdf
    Cardio Focused classes:

    Anderson County

    First Baptist of Clinton, Main Street Clinton
    CardioMIX Classes (mod. – hard, weights & mat)   T & Th 9:15-10:15 am
           Class is in the Family Life Center's gym

    Knox County

    Beaver Creek Cumberland Presbyterian, Old Clinton Hwy
    Senior Cardio (mod, weights & mat)                      M, W, F  9:30-10:30 am 
         Class is in the Family Life Center's gym
    O'Connor Senior Center, (5th Ave.)
    Adv. Senior Cardio (mod-hard, weights & mat)        M & W  8:45-9:45 am 
    Senior Cardio (mod., weights only)  *provided at site*  M & W 10:00-11:00am 

    South Knox Senior Center (west John Sevier Hwy.)
    Adv. Senior Cardio (mod-hard, weights & mat)        T & F   8:45-9:45 am

    Frank Strang Senior Center (Lovell Heights Rd-Kingston Pike)
    Adv. Senior Cardio (mod-hard, weights & mat)        M, W, F  8:45-9:45 am  
    Senior Cardio (mod, weights only)                           M, W, F  10:00-11:00 am

    West Park Baptist, Middlebrook Pike (west)
    CardioMIX   (mod.– hard, weights & mat)               M, W, & F   9:00-10:00 am 
    No class on First Monday each month. Class meets in the gym.

    Muscular Focused Classes:

    Anderson County

    Kern United Methodist, Tennessee Ave. 
    Yoga for Everyone  (moderate, mat)           Mon. @ 5:30-6:30 pm
                                                                      Wed. @ 9:15-10:15 am

    Knox County

    Central Baptist of Bearden (Deane Hill Dr) 
    Pilates (mod, mat)                                       T & F  9:00-10:00 am 
    Ball (mod, weights, mat & stability ball)       M   9:00-10:00 am  

    Strang Senior Center, Lovell Heights Rd (west Knox)
    Pilates (moderate, mat)                              T & F   11:15 am – 12:15 pm
    Tone & Tighten (moderate, mat)                M & Th  11:15am - 12:15pm
    Senior SitBFit (easy, weights optional)        M & Th  12:30- 1:15 pm  

    All participants should go at their own pace in all classes. Any age is welcome to try any class. 

    Senior classes are designed to address the specific needs of middle age and beyond, but younger individuals can also benefit from participation.

    Hand-held weights ranging from 3-10 pounds are needed for classes where indicated.

    Exercise mats (any type) needed if indicated. 

    Stability balls  should be determined by your height.
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