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Biggest Winner Weight Loss Challenge


2014 Biggest Winner
Perry Pruitt
Karns firefighter Perry Pruitt had many reasons
for wanting to make a dramatic change in his life.
 Among them was the knowledge that most
 firefighter deaths in the line of duty are the
 result of cardiac arrest. Losing a staggering
80 pounds in five months brought his blood pressure
 down, gave him healthier cholesterol readings,
 and even helped him sleep more soundly.
He also has more energy, and a better outlook on life.

Are you tired of being tired? Are you tired of being trapped inside a body that won't let you reach your full potential? Are you tired of living on fast food, and stopping to catch your breath every time you take the stairs? Do you want to break out and make a difference? 

Each year, we select a group of real people (no impossibly skinny models or hard core athletes!) to be ambassadors for health and fitness in our community. We give them expert advice, put them through training that is intense, fierce, and time consuming, and then watch them change the world.

The person named Biggest Winner for fitness achievements and ambassadorship receives a package of prizes from marathon sponsors, but our past participants will tell you that the real prize is getting a jump start on a new life. All applicants are welcome, but we are especially interested in people who have never participated in a half marathon, or who are "getting off the couch" for the first time in a very long time.

Ready to get started?

Fill out our online application, and send a picture plus any other supporting materials to

Whether you're chosen for the team or not, we encourage you to get involved in the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon! Runners and walkers of all fitness levels are welcome to join thousands of people from around the world for the full marathon, half marathon, team relays, or 5K.
There's even a a one-mile Covenant Kids Run the prior evening. Learn more at

Check out the change!

First team meeting - November, 2014

Final team photo shoot - March, 2014

Click here to see the final results: 2014 biggest winner assessment results.xls
See more photos by clicking here.

About the Covenant Health Biggest Winner Challenge

Our team members train together at Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center through the week, and train with the Knoxville Track Club on Saturdays from November through March. They receive various screenings, including a runner/walker evaluation through Covenant Therapy Centers, and are coached by Covenant Health fitness expert Missy Kane.

The Biggest Winner Challenge was created in 2010, as Covenant Health sought a means to further carry out its not-for-profit mission of improving the quality of life in East Tennesse through better health. With unrelenting obesity rates, and all the problems associated with poor diet and exercise habits, Coach Kane came up with the idea of selecting a team of "real" people to be ambassadors for health and fitness - people East Tennesseans could relate to - people who were leading the way by changing their own lives. Since then, our previous teams have lost a combined total of nearly 900, seen some dramatic results in health measures, and have helped improved the health of their communities, as well.

Coaching Staff

Missy Kane - Head Coach
Phil Kaplan - Assistant Coach
Joe Mitchell - Assistant Coach
Chris O'Hearn - Strength/Life Coach
Karen Lacey - Team Dietitian

Check the left side of this page for fitness tips and to learn more about the Covenant Health Biggest Winner program.



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