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Hope Center
1901 W. Clinch Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37916
(865) 541-3767
office hours: Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 5:00 pm

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About Hope Center

The Hope Center was established in 1996 by Jeannie Gillian, PhD, to address the unmet needs of individuals infected with HIV in Knox and surrounding 20 counties.  Due to gaps in care for this population, Hope Center began developing and implementing practical supportive care programs at no charge to patients and families affected by HIV and other serious illnesses.

Hope Center is located on 7North in Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center.  This location facilitates continuity of care between the hospital and home and allows patients to be followed from diagnosis through their last days. 

Hope Center Consultation Requests

Consultations come from physicians, patients, hospital staff, other community hospitals, family members, and agencies.  Consultation requests frequently relate to patients’ experiences.

Hope Center Mission and Goals

* To provide direct supportive care and advocacy at no charge to patients and families affected by HIV and other life-altering illnesses
* To address individual psychosocial needs, quality of life, and end-stage care
* To ensure patient rights, privacy, and comfort in safe, nonjudgmental surroundings
* To provide HIV educational programs for healthcare providers and the community
* To value and complement the work of healthcare professionals and volunteers

Support Services:

* Referrals.  With consent from the patient, referrals for primary care physicians, specialists, health professionals, and community assistance agencies.   
* Medical decision-making and treatment education. Patients and caregivers ask for counseling in making decisions related to treatment throughout the course of the disease
* Legal protection for decisions concerning quality of life.  Discussing provisions for safeguarding individual wishes through Advance Directives, Last Will and Living Wills, often reduces stress and tension between patients and families.
* Liaison between health department, physicians, judicial systems, and mental health facilities.  Hope Center serves as an information resource for individuals, services, and organizations unfamiliar with the needs, care, and treatment of individuals with HIV.
* Anticipatory Care & Advocacy.  Hope Center provides a holistic approach to care and caring by providing education, psychological support, end-stage support, and bereavement counseling. 

A critical component of the Center's holistic Hope Model is the philosophy of anticipatory care. Its purpose is to recognize potentially threatening problems before hospitalization and extreme or prolonged medical intervention is required.  This model stresses caregiving through fostering hope, empathy, dignity, and active listening.          

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