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Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - Get Peninsula’s Holiday Survival Guide in the Nick O’ Time!

Peninsula's Holiday Survival Guide 2012If the holidays are stressing you out, don’t wait any longer to download your complimentary copy of Peninsula’s Holiday Survival Guide.

The guide is a free, community service of Peninsula, a division of Parkwest Medical Center. It includes experts’ advice on holiday stressors and includes printable quick tip pages for easy reference.

“Holidays can trigger stress in nearly everyone,” said Parkwest Chief Administrative Officer Rick Lassiter. “However, most of that stress is self-induced and we can avoid it.” The guide includes information on how to get through common stressful situations and discusses why the holidays can be so difficult for people with mental health and substance abuse problems.

The guide also offers advice for giving guilt-free gifts, maintaining your weight over the holiday season and suggestions for making realistic resolutions. Visit peninsulabehavioralhealth.org or click here to download your copy today!
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