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Monday, November 19, 2012 - Diabetes: It’s Important to be Educated

Learn about DiabetesIf you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes, you may be overwhelmed with information. Taking care of your diabetes does make a difference! You will not only feel better, but good blood sugar control can help delay and even prevent the risk of diabetes complications such as heart disease, kidney failure, blindness and nerve damage.

At the Fort Sanders Diabetes Center, a team of certified diabetes educators works with each client to develop a lifestyle plan. “We provide the patient with an individualized meal plan, food preferences and weight goal,” explains Lucy Deatherage of the Fort Sanders Diabetes Center. “We give people the tools to manage their diabetes.”

Classes at the Fort Sanders Diabetes Center focus on nutritional and lifestyle changes that can help you control your disease. Meal planning is demonstrated with food models, so patients can visualize appropriate portion sizes and practice reading actual food labels.

Deatherage says that while counting carbohydrates is a priority, with diabetes meal planning, protein, fat and calories are important, too. “A diet that’s healthy overall is the goal,” she said.

Insulin ShotEducators also discuss:
  • how to monitor glucose levels
  • how diabetes medications work
  • the benefits of regular physical activity
  • how stress affects blood sugar
Because managing diabetes requires lifestyle changes, the staff at Fort Sanders Diabetes Center focuses on making realistic recommendation. They don’t push for perfection because people tend to think they’ve failed if they don’t do everything they’re told. Small changes over time are more important, and can lead to big results.

The Fort Sanders Diabetes Center is recognized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) for Quality Self-Management Education. Locations include: Fort Sanders West, Oak Ridge, Lenoir City, Sevierville and at the Fort Sanders Perinatal Center. Most insurance plans, including Medicare, provide coverage for diabetes education.

Physician referral is required, but the staff at the Fort Sanders Diabetes Center can assist in the referral process. For more information about the Fort Sanders Diabetes Center, call (865) 531-5580.
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