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Monday, January 21, 2013 - Strong Finish. Great Beginning.

Randy Carr spent most of his life feeling inferior because of his weight. Not anymore.

Carr is one of many people who have used resources at Covenant Health and its marathon to improve the quality of their lives. Having had weight loss surgery, and then regaining much of his weight after a back injury, Carr participated in the Covenant Health Biggest Winner Challenge this past year. It’s a program that uses the marathon as a goal for people who want to make strides in health and fitness. It’s also a springboard for a healthier lifestyle.

“Not only did I make a new family of friends,” Carr says, “but I finally have started working on improving my overall self-esteem and sense of purpose.”

Carr, who used to hate exercise, is now certified by the American Council on Exercise as a personal trainer, health coach, and group fitness instructor. He’s also pursuing certification as an advanced health and fitness specialist, and is registered to run the half marathon in April.

Healthy living is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Carr still has weight loss goals and is making fitness a lifelong journey.

“I am happier, more energetic, and really enjoy working with my clients, helping them meet their personal health and fitness goals,”
Carr says. “I am so grateful to Covenant Health for allowing me this life changing opportunity!”

Helpful Resources:

Covenant Therapy Centers
(865) 541-1300

Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center
(865) 531-5000

Fort Sanders Weight Management
(865) 531-5083

Knoxville Track Club

Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon
(865) 684-4294 

The Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon is Sunday, April 7. It features a full marathon, half marathon, team relay, two-person relay, and 5k. To register or for more information, visit knoxvillemarathon.com.

Strategy for Success:

Here are three important steps Carr followed for success. They apply not only to success in health and fitness, but in any area of life.

Set goals and make a plan. Carr set weight loss goals, goals for personal achievement, and used the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon as a fitness goal. Then he methodically worked toward those goals. For example, marathon training included a runner assessment with Covenant Therapy Centers and personal training at Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center. 

Don’t go it alone. Find friends or join a group of like-minded people who share your goals. Having the support and accountability of others was critical for Carr. In addition to being part of the Biggest Winner team, Carr took part in training with the Knoxville Track Club, participated in group sessions with Covenant’s weight management program, and had life coaching at the fitness center.

Don’t give up. Carr suffered a back injury last fall. In years past, he says he would have given up and regained his weight. This time, he was able to do a pretty good job of maintaining his weight and then jump back into a healthy, active lifestyle after he recovered. As Carr says, “Life happens!” Setbacks are a certainty. Be determined to get back on track.


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