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Monday, November 26, 2012 - Fast Forward: Marathon Team Starts Fitness Challenge

Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon 2013While most people are recovering from a big turkey dinner and looking forward to cookies, fudge, and egg nog, some East Tennesseans are choosing to walk away from all that. The Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon is pleased to introduce the members of its 2013 Biggest Winner Challenge, a friendly competition to encourage team members and the community to start a healthier lifestyle.

Between now and the day of the marathon, these individuals will participate in the Fort Sanders Weight Management program and use marathon event training to turn their lives around. They will be coached along the way by Covenant Health ‚fitness advocate Missy Kane, an Olympic runner and former track and field coach at the University of Tennessee.

Kane says the goal isn’t to crash off pounds quickly. It’s to give people a starting point to change eating and exercise habits for a lifetime. You can follow their journey at covenanthealth.com/biggestwinner.
The Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon is Sun., April 7 with all events ‚ finishing on the ‚fifty yard line at UT’s Neyland Stadium. To register, visit knoxvillemarathon.com.

2013 Covenant Health Marathon Team Members: (Front row, left to right) Kim Lauth, Bree Smith, Heidi Parunak, Patty Longmire, Coach Missy Kane, (2nd row, l to r) Asst. Coach Joe Mitchell, Bryan Paschal, BJ Telfer, Kenneth Bane, Mike Wiseman, (top row, l to r) WBIR’s Erin Donovan, Scott Dougherty, WIVICK the Frog.

Follow Phil Kaplan on Twitter at www.twitter.com/philkaplan.Follow Phil!
The Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon is proud to have News Sentinel sports editor Phil Kaplan assisting coach Missy Kane on the team’s journey to the finish line.
Follow Phil on Twitter at www.twitter.com/philkaplan.

The 2013 Covenant Health Biggest Winner Marathon Team

Kenneth Bane, Knoxville – Bane was a high school athlete, but like many high school athletes, he started packing on extra pounds when he quit playing sports.
Scott Dougherty, Knoxville – Dougherty lost 35 pounds in 2009 as a participant in an 18-month study on snacks and dieting at the University of Tennessee. He is now ready for more.
Kimberly Lauth, Knoxville – Lauth has many friends who are runners and a boss who is a tri-athlete. She’s caught the fever and wants to join them in a healthier, more active lifestyle.
Patty Longmire, Knoxville – Having lost her mother to lung cancer last year, Longmire has a renewed sense of purpose where healthy living is concerned.
Heidi Parunak, Seymour – A doctor told Parunak if she didn’t lose weight she would be dead in three years. Three years later, she is 80 pounds lighter and ready to complete her race to personal victory.
Bryan Paschal, Knoxville – Paschal is a teacher at Gresham Middle School who wants to improve his health and teach a life lesson to his students.
Bree Smith, Oak Ridge – Smith lost 74 pounds on her own and has run several races, but she’s hit a wall with her weight loss and wants to get back on track.
B.J. Telfer, Maryville – In the past year, Telfer has given up alcohol and smoking, and he is studying to be a youth pastor.
Mike Wiseman, Knoxville – Wiseman is a master of TV production. He says it’s a great job, but a sedentary one.
Erin Donovan, WBIR – Better known as “Darin’ Erin,” Donovan has spent recent years taking on all kinds of challenges as a reporter for WBIR-TV’s “Live at Five at Four.” But reporting on the road means eating on the road, and fast food has become a way of life for her.
Assistant Coach Joe Mitchell – at 46 years of age, Mitchell weighed 369 pounds, and made a decision to change his life forever. Joe pursued and began a weight loss journey in front of a worldwide audience on NBC’s The Biggest Loser. Leaner and stronger now, he’s paying it forward as an assistant coach on this year’s team.
WIVICK the Frog – WIVICK the Frog has had a lifelong commitment to living life to the fullest. WIVICK is “hoppy” to be participating with this year’s team!
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